Never stop believing

Rarely does anything on BLDGBLOG make total sense. While the technical language is light years beyond mine, I still have a feeling that 99% of what is proposed is not only impossible, it’s also irresponsible, infeasible and often environmentally unsound. But that doesn’t stop Geoff Manaugh. In fact, nothing stops him. Perhaps my favorite post is this one, from a year ago,

Read that over and think, for a second, about what the man is proposing. Don’t think about it in the way those who responded to it did. Most of them point to similar projects, or to logical faults in the plan.  That’s because no one who commented on that site is any fun.  At all.  

But if you read it over quickly, the whole thing rings less of a proposal for suburban remodeling than the kind of thing you thought hard about when you were ten. Mr Manaugh is grown up, educated, published and nothing but nothing will stop him from thinking “you know what would be awesome? If my next-door neighbor lived in an f’ing jungle!”


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