Paradise City: Crappy 90s Pop

I’ve been watching quite a few episodes of “Instant Star” lately in order to take my brain off of my dissertation. Instant Star is a Canadian teen drama about a 15 year old girl who wins a talent contest and becomes, you got it, an instant star. Of course, watching this show about a young pop star whose producer/mentor/love interest was in a boy band back in the day has only served to bring me back to my pop roots.  Therefore I have ventured back into the land of the early and mid-90s and rediscovered some of the wonderful music videos that reside in said mystic land. Follow me after the jump for some 90s hotties and their embarrassing wardrobe choices.

First off we have Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame singing his 1993 single Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix in ripped baggy jeans and an open, sleeveless flannel shirt. The video also involves a girl on rollerblades, some rap, and what appears to be a jungle gym. WHOAH!

Then, the boys who will always have my heart, Boyzone singing their 1994 cover of that classic Osmonds’ hit Love Me For a Reason. Just look at the pain in their eyes when they stare off into middle distance! And the crappy hair and dancing. And the clothes. And the random girl. And the videos projected on what appear to be bed sheets. My god, I can’t even articulate how bad this video is and how much I love it because of that.

Finally we have the one, the only Take That with their 1993 hit Relight my Fire featuring the inimitable Lulu. You know, I didn’t really get the whole gay club thing when I was 10 years old. Now I have to say, well done boys for embracing your target audience and the disco heritage of the original release of the song. Take That always did have videos that were meant to be funny, not sincere. And that’s why they’ve stood the test of time. They’re still hams and I still love them.



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