Project Awesome


Tonight’s the night, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is the beginning of the best season of the year, a season full of storms, dark clouds, and little rays of sunshine.  That’s right.  Tonight Season 5 of Project Runway begins.  


It’s hard to overestimate my love for Project Runway.  Partially, it takes me back to those warm and fuzzy season one memories, when we added it to Queer Eye and The Amazing Race as the all-dorm, must-see shows.  Partially it reminds me of 36-hour stints in the costume studio, desperately making something stage-worthy with essentially $10 and a few paper clips for materials.  But mostly? Mostly it has the best characters on TV, and instead of watching them eat bugs, we get to see them creating something beautiful — or hideous.  Obviously, I’m banking on hideous.  


The good people at have the rundown on everything we need to know, but since none of you have time time to read 12 contestant bios, I’ve done the hard work for you.  After the jump, I’m putting down my bets on this years cast of bizarre geniuses.  But before that, I want to point out loud and clear, that as with most things on this blog, I’m obviously not the best person covering this.  But I know who is: head over to read the rants and ramblings of these fine folks — you’ll thank me, kittens.  

First of all, and most importantly, here’s who to hate: 

Wesley – Mostly this is because he has actually embraced the narrow, too short men’s pants look.  I always assumed that was one of those things that was best left in Gucci ads.  God hopes it’s not contagious.  

Blayne – Ego is nothing new to PR, but seriously?  That’s a profile picture.  You don’t already have to be defiantly cocky.  


Who to Love: 

Daniel: The man found a career in fashion as an offshoot of wanting to be a zoologist.  A zoologist!  Enough said.  

Kenley: Because she’s adorable.  And she’s wearing a hat.  Done and done.  


And who’s gonna win: 

Teri – She started her own fashion line while still in college, which means she’s got pluck, and she succeeded, which means she’s got talent.  Plus, based on snap judgement of her photo, she doesn’t look like an obnoxious ego will cut her out early.  

Korto – She’s a mother and she’s not in her 20s, which means there’s no Christian-esque diva in there, a winning trait.  Plus, she’s the only person on the show who clearly has a distinct sensibility actually inspired by tribal prints, rather than an overwhelming drive to be unnecessarily “edgy.”  Solid start.  


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