Seriously? More about boy bands?

I want to take a moment to talk about boy bands.

Kaks has, it’s true, already posted about boy bands, and one might think that two posts about boy bands within a week of launching a blog is a little excessive. One is almost certainly right.

But I do not wish to talk about them in their glory days. Because, frankly, I wasn’t into them in their glory days. My bad taste developed late.

First of all, I want to take a moment to concentrate on Lance Bass. Because, my god. The man is a legend – or at least he very well should be.

He begins as the lamest member of a boy band (lets be honest – he was) before going to Russia to become a cosmonaut – and failing – then returning to New York to come out – on the cover of people – because he was in a long-term relationship. With everyone’s least favorite reality star. And now, to top everything, he’s written a book, which the NY Times can’t even take seriously enough to review, but which I will, obviously, be reading. Several times.

But the reason I bring up Lance Bass (other than to promote the cult that should be forming around him any day now) is to bring up the fact that I have long felt it’s time N’SYNC reformed.

First of all, I missed them the first time round. As a middle schooler I had strong feelings that I was too cool to be into boy bands. As a twenty-something, however, I have discovered that I am not too cool for anything, least of all boy bands. But secondly, and more importantly, I feel it would destroy Justin Timberlake’s carefully constructed street cred for everyone to remember that there was a time where he starred in videos as a marionette puppet bent on revenge.

Even if Timerberlake were unwilling to get back with them, I still urge the reunion. Because (and yes, you guessed it, I have done that thing where I wrote a whole unnecessary post just to introduce one link) look what happened to Take That. Glorious once, they are glorious all over again, and have given me my absolute favorite early-morning-life-isn’t-as-bad-as-you-think video. Is it strangely stinted at first and choreographed much in the way Busby Berkeley would have put on a middle school musical, but it is fantastic, and I just had to share.


3 Responses to Seriously? More about boy bands?

  1. Willa, video = dead. sadly.

  2. artmarketmistress says:

    It’s working for me…

  3. dae says:

    i have to disagree. chris kirkpatrick was the lamest member of nsync. my argument is follows:

    1. lance bass wanted to go into space and had the 20 mil to try and do so. don’t step on his dreams wills, uncool.

    2. chris kirkpatrick gets knocked in a song by eminem. and our mothers all once sang eminem to us at mother daughter, therefore, the cool factor of that has dropped to the negatives.

    3. chris had really, really silly looking dreads and a pumpkin face.

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