I always knew Bart was up to something

So a friend of mine, who has a distinctly better eye for these thing than myself, noted the brilliance of the US Diplomatic mission to talk about having talks with Iran.  (I mean, other than the sheer brilliance of the fact that we are in discussions about discussions, something that will eventually lead to a modern-day Abbot and Costello act.)  What he noticed was that we have appointed as the head of nuclear talks with the evil empire a man named Mr. Burns.  

Sadly, his first name’s William, not Montgomery. But it got me thinking all the same, remembering someone once rambling to me at a party about their theory that Mr Burns and Ned Flanders were secretly hooking up.  

And then, I remembered.  

This wasn’t just his theory.  There were a lot of people who thought this. Because, you guessed it, there is in the world a Simpson’s slash community.  I only wish I was kidding.


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