OMG! Rob Lowe just looked right at me!!!

The advert (below the jump) for Orange Mobile plays before films at Odeon cinemas in England. When you see a lot of movies, ads like these can sometimes get old. For instance, the MacCaulay Culkin and Val Kilmer ones annoyed the hell out of me after the second time seeing them. The Snoop Dogg one was funny, but not nearly as funny the 10th time through, housies. But the Rob Lowe one…oh, the Rob Lowe one. I love this ad. I laugh hysterically every time I see it. Most likely because I’ve been a little bit in love with Rob Lowe since I was a very small child and his role on The West Wing only cemented that love. This ad makes the world a better place.

“As long as you look at me while you’re strangling me, I’d be fine with that”


One Response to OMG! Rob Lowe just looked right at me!!!

  1. Mollie says:

    oh my god that was fucking amazing. my favorite part was when the guy on the end held up the sign that said “I love you!”

    I share your intense love for Rob Lowe, mine was also brought on by Sam Seaborn. mmmmmmm.

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