Suddenly I’m feeling like an olympic athlete

About three years ago, a few of my friends and I decided to drive across the Green Mountains to go out for a pre-Christmas dinner in Woodstock.  While out there, the snow started falling, and we discovered that the car we’d taken – not exactly your mountain four-wheeler, more along the lines of ‘jenkity sedan’ was not about to make it back over Killington pass.  

Doing our parents’ safety-training proud, we all decided, instead, to spring for a motel room off route 30.  Tactfully lying to the desk (“just four of us”) before making a dash for it and piling nine people into two double beds, we managed to all hunker down, at about 10pm, for a long night of isolation at someplace that make the Bates look populated and cheerful.  It was surreal to say the least.  

That’s when we turned on the TV, and discovered, on ESPN 47 (or maybe 3.  Whatever.)  The Rock Paper Scissors World Championship: Live From Las Vegas. 

The next morning we returned across the pass, and I managed to put the championship into my “that couldn’t possibly have really happened” file, along with the part of that night where I ended up sleeping that night with my best friend’s teenage brother curled up, dog-like, at the foot of the bed.  

So something about another mountain weekend reminded me of the incident, and when browsing for this particular event, in addition to finding out that there are actually Rock Paper Scissors corporate events (something I would otherwise assume only existed on episodes of The Office) there is also this.  I think, knowing that these people are out there, my life is finally complete.


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