Things we would go to this week, if we lived in…


Eddie Izzard! The man is a God. To both of us. And he’s in the SW this week, in Phoenix (first half of the week) and Vegas after that. Frankly, given my choice, I can’t think of a better place to be on earth than at a Vegas Eddie Izzard show, drinking margaritas and wetting myself. Eddie’s worth the dry cleaning bill.


New York Restaurant Week. Three course prix fixe. Lunch $24.07. Dinner $35. Need we say more? Wait, why aren’t we living in NYC with all our friends?


Annual surfing contest at Kalim Beach, Phuket. No, seriously. Kaks might not surf herself, but she has a huge thing for surfers (ever since that surf contest at Dana Point when she was about 12 years old). Plus, it’s a beach in Thailand, who wouldn’t want to be there? And yes, Kaks does occasionally visit the Tourism Thailand website and dream about vacations filled with meditation, panang curry, motorbikes, and lots of Thai art.


One Response to Things we would go to this week, if we lived in…

  1. The World Hangs Off These Cheekbones says:

    I must highly recommend the current tour of Mr. Izzard…he was here in the Midwest (from which Phoenix’s arise) earlier this year and I was saturated!

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