GFY + Newsies = Genius

I love Go Fug Yourself.  Who doesn’t?  I check in daily for my dose of sarcasm and hilarity.  But this post really caught my eye (and made me spit coffee all over my computer).  I know it’s because I have an unhealthy obsession with watching a young Christian Bale try to speak/sing in a Brooklyn accent while dancing around.  And yes, “Seize the Day” might be on my ‘good morning’ playlist to convince me to get out of bed.

So I ask you, dear friends who grew up in the 90s, what’s your favorite part of Newsies?


3 Responses to GFY + Newsies = Genius

  1. dae says:

    is, was, and always will be the christian bale dancing by himself while pretending to ride a horse section of santa fe.

    your timing is amazing! my friends and i just searched the two local video stores last night to watch this but they didn’t have it. so sad!

  2. artmarketmistress says:

    Glad to be of service!

  3. willabee says:

    That’s why every good boho-alum should own their own copy….

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