Bad Pop Wednesdays

The original idea, to be fair, was boy band wednesdays.  But as much as we are embarrassingly preoccupied with bad 90s boy bands (and so are you, judging by comments) an entire weekly feature seemed like a bit much, even for us.  

But a mere feeling that boy bands were inadequately fascinating had not restrained our mediocre to hideous taste in music.  So we’ll be indulging our guiltiest pleasures weekly – and so will you.  

This week I wanted to bring you what I believe to be indisputably the best music video ever made. I was going to explain why, but then I realized: between the Pope’s appearance and the elephant’s guest visit, there’s really nothing to explain.  Just enjoy.



One Response to Bad Pop Wednesdays

  1. artmarketmistress says:

    You forgot to mention the awesome badness of the fake Julia Roberts.

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