Because Every American Woman Should See This

The McCain Women’s Clinic

Normally we put the commentary before the jump and the video after. This video is too important to hide after the jump. No matter your thoughts on Roe v. Wade, I do hope you can see the logic in the fact that birth control can help prevent unwanted pregnancies which in turn prevents abortions. And talking to our children in an educated way about the scientific and medical facts concerning sex is the only way to help make them responsible citizens in an age of STI epidemics. And, after the recent scary-as-hell memo from the Bush administration talking about redefining abortion to include many types of contraceptives including birth control pills and IUDs, this issue is more important than ever this election.

I personally would like Senator McCain to writhe around on his bathroom floor once a month while vomiting and crying because of horrible cramps. And maybe he should have to give birth or something. Go through a pregnancy scare. Bleed for seven days without dying, at least. Then, maybe, just maybe, he and I can enter into a discussion about what I get to do with my body. But still, not very likely I’ll listen to anything he has to say on the issue since, you know, he’s a man and all.


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