Muggles must amuse themselves somehow


The first time my brother visited Middlebury, he was there for an improv festival, before I had even begun the short streak of my education there.  Sometime around one in the morning, I got a phone call from him.  “I just walked across your campus,” he told me, “and I swear to god, I did not purposefully touch a thing, but I’m pretty sure I’m high.”  

I think it was an accurate introduction to the place.  A place so high, either on life or something more illicit, a place so filled with the quirky oddballs of the nerd-world that only they could come up with something like this.  

(As I consider this, I realize “things that honestly would only happen at Middlebury College, Vermont” could be a broad enough category to make it’s own feature.  Maybe it’s own blog.) 

They tour.  They have world cups.  They have inspired teams at other colleges who appear to be equally under the influence.  They make me miss them more than ever.  

All my raging love of Midd aside, I see no reason why this should be limited to college. I want to start a Western League.  And I want to start it now. 

Who’s with me?


One Response to Muggles must amuse themselves somehow

  1. Paul says:

    Middlebury Quidditch does not speak for me.

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