Hell Kitty

I find Hello Kitty kind of cute. Kind of annoying, as well, thanks to the many Hello Kitty items my family likes to give to me on holidays in a weird inside joke (yeah, when I became a journalist my mom sent me a reporter’s notebook…with a bejeweled Hello Kitty on the front. The scary part is that I actually use it). So, I feel for this guy. I really do. Unless I’m Kimora Simmons and turning out diamond encrusted versions of Hello Kitty, I hope my future life partner will hit me over the head with some reality if I ever become that obsessed with a character that has no point other than its cuteness. I’m going to end this post here before it turns into a discussion of “kawaii” (cute, in Japanese) and the exportation of said sub-culture. This is not my dissertation. This is not my dissertation.

Hello Kitty Waffle Iron

Hello Kitty Waffle Iron

I still want that waffle iron though…


2 Responses to Hell Kitty

  1. Paul says:

    A Hello Kitty humidifier is available at Target. When you turn it on it glows purple and steam comes out its ears. Like Satan.

  2. artmarketmistress says:

    That’s AMAZING! I know what I’m asking for this Christmas!

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