When computer games go live

Anyone who is into architecture has likely already heard of MInsuk Cho, the unspeakably bizarre and wonderful architect behind Mass Studies, the Korean-based firm behind such awesomeness as the ring dome in New York, Hong Kong and Milan, and my personal favorite, Seoul’s Ann Demeulemeester shop.  

But cooler than checking out what Minsuk Cho has achieved is to take a long hard look at what he dreams of.  Because when you can build a shop that is walled inside and out with grass, what is it that even you believe can’t happen for another 18 years? 

For the answer, check out the Mass Studies site – look at “projects” (cutting edge Korean architects are, apparently, too cool for direct links) and then under “size” for the very largest – Seoul Commune 2026.  

And then, once you’ve done that, answer me this: is that not exactly what the best of your very best Sim City 2000 masterpieces looked like?


One Response to When computer games go live

  1. Sophie says:

    Oh dear god – scarier than Sim City. We talked about Brave New World, and your American answer The Giver, didn’t we…

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