What it feels like for a girl

The girls over at Jezebel are pretty fabulous.  I might be a bit in love with all of them.  But at the moment I am especially in love with Tracie (aka “Slut Machine”) for dolling up her friend Gavin and then making him walk around NYC in high heels.  The best part may be Gavin’s Popeye-like arm swings to keep himself upright while trying to navigate the sidewalk in 4 inch heels.  Take a look here.  There’s a part 2 as well that you shouldn’t miss.  I’d also suggest clicking the links for “Making it with Makeup” to watch Tracie make Gavin up with both day and night looks.  Gavin takes the feeling of eyeliner on his inner lids like a man…kind of.


2 Responses to What it feels like for a girl

  1. onlyinhighheels says:

    Pretty funny, yet I don’t know too many women who start out walking a mile in high heels. They practice in their home. Or at least that’s what they’ve been taught. But yea, walking a mile in tough for anyone. Women look very nice in their heels but it is a burden they choose to bare to be that fabulous. And I’m glad they do.

  2. artmarketmistress says:

    Good point! Although, I don’t ever remember practicing. I think my first pair of heels were just low and pretty comfortable (I was 12 afterall), and I worked up my tolerance from there. Nowadays, though, I refuse to buy a pair of heels if I can’t keep them on all day/night. Just not worth it!

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