Your Thursday Recurring Feature

When we tried to come up with recurring features for this here blog we hit a wall.  Hump day obviously needed to be aided by truly terribly pop to get you through that long, long Wednesday afternoon.  For us to give our conceited and unneeded advice about what you should be doing on Mondays made sense.  Kaks needed someone to show all the crap on e-bay she’d buy if she had, you know, employment – so there went Tuesdays.  And we couldn’t leave you off on the weekend without hours of good listening, so podcasts slipped into the Friday spot. 

But what about Thursdays?  What on earth would we do on Thursdays?  What was a subject so vast that we could never tire, for all our lives, of talking about it at least once a week?  What subject was so absorbing that spending my Wednesdays finding the very best facet of it would not be a chore but a joy?  What the hell were we going to do with Thursday?

Frankly, the only disappointing thing is that it took me more than ten minutes to hit on it. 

Dolly Parton  


Dolly-Day.  A full day of every week to celebrate everything that is the trashy, cheep, kitschy and freakishly talented wonder of surgical ingenuity that is Dolly Parton. 

I could nearly wet myself. 

Now, I’ve got a lot of time to tell you the reasons I love this woman (and believe me, it’s not like I don’t have a regularly rehearsed and recited monolog on the subject.)  So for today, I’ll just draw your eye to the magnificent introduction to her website. 

Never before has the existence of a “skip intro” button been so completely unnecessary. 



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