A Mean, Green, Earth-Saving Machine

Spending time around the super-green can have strange effects on you.  Not only in terms of the amount of time it takes you to throw something out, or the way you spend the next twenty minutes wondering if, really and truly, that was the right bin to throw something in.  It can also infiltrate your dreams.  

Last week – after I spent thirty minutes one afternoon trying to figure out what to do with a cardboard box that had plastic details – I dreamed about Captain Planet.  And not really in a fun way.  

But while waking up in a cold sweat because you’ve been chased by a giant green man affects your day in some truly negative ways, it did get me thinking about what he’s up to these days.  Clearly, we all remember the captain’s glory days.  (also, can I note here, that even in the explanation of the powers, they give no justification of why on earth Heart exists?) and it’s been literally years since we could get this out of our consciousness (engrained, as it is, almost as deeply as the Fresh Prince rap) 


But, other than going into 4am reruns on the Cartoon Network, what has the captain been up to since, say, the Soviet Union dissolved?  I am so, so happy to find out that this is the answer.


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