In Nerdy Podcasts This Week…

So you know which ones are worth a listen this weekend…

This American Life

This week was a very interesting show wholly dedicated to exploring the story of two baby girls who were quite literally mixed up at the hospital.  Entitled “Separated at Birth”, it interviews the women and their mothers (one of whom was aware of the switch almost from the time she brought the wrong baby home) and siblings about how the truth came out eventually.  It’s also an interesting study of nature versus nurture with two girls who never really fit in with the families that raised them, but were much more like their biological families.   I was very intrigued by it and really enjoyed listening.

The News from Lake Wobegon

Another repeat since the cast of A Prairie Home Companion is gearing up for their Rhubarb Tour (which I really, really wish I could go see).  “Nothing can break your heart like a beautiful day.  But, if you can’t learn to enjoy misery then you have no business living in Minnesota.”  Another poignant, lovely, funny Minnesotan commentary from Mr. Keillor.

Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! 

Adam Felber again.  While he grew on me last week as he settled in it’s still disappointingly the wrong voice.  Just wrong.  But then, just when I was starting to feel a little inconsolable, just when I was starting to turn to my alone-with-podcasts-on-a-thursday beer, just when I was wondering why on earth I edit this blog, then it turned out Mo Rocca was on the panel.  

Well thank God. 

All around a decent weeks work from our favorite nerds.  The first caller was, essentially, me (low level involvement with journalism, crush on Karl Kastle, even bigger one on Obama), a Not My Job guest who you’ve never heard of, but lie and pretend you have,  

Number of voice message your editor would have won: 2

Wait Wait fact of the week: A study, comparing sweat samples, has proven that old people do not, in fact, have their own smell. 

The Writer’s Almanac

Thursday was the birthday of J.K. Rowling.  She is now the highest earning novelist in history.  Cool.  “Her publisher thought young boys were her target audience and was worried that they wouldn’t buy a novel by a woman, so they encouraged her to use initials instead.”  Not cool.

Thursday was also the feast day of Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.  Yay Jezzies.

Oh and Emily Bronte, Alexis de Tocqueville, Beatrix Potter and Mozart’s sister were born this week.  And Elvis made his debut at a real venue.  Also, good poems were read by Garrison Keillor.  What more do you want?

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. ® (yes, that is a registered phrase.  Thanks Mr. Keillor).


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  1. Excellent post. Could not have said it any better myself. Hat’s off to a post well said.

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