Because the world needs more couch potatoes…

I have to say, I think this is a brilliant invention. Particularly for people like me who do really like to exercise, but don’t like the pain and suffering of getting into shape. It’s also wonderful for people with diabetes, who need exercise, but often haven’t been exercising their whole lives, thus making it significantly more difficult for them to ever get healthy.

Unfortunately, not everyone has such pure intentions as the diabetics and I. I would rant against the psychotic athletes who want to dope up, but, really, I’m starting to think Matthew Goode had the right idea. No, the real issue here is that while I am out there suffering through cramps and lack of breath while trying to whip my ass into shape, millions of people can just take these pills and just keep watching Days of Our Lives and playing XBox, and we’ll all be in equally good shape. I feel so cheated.

[ed – Some interesting counterpoints to the NYTimes article can be found here and here]


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