I’ll stay right here, thanks.

I’m totally not here to make fun of the religious right.  Well, not much.  Partially because I have friends who sincerely believe in the rapture.  Partially because the far religious right scare the hell out of me, and I’m pretty sure they’re internet savvy enough to find me in my bed and shine bright lights through my window, or whatever they do to save heathens.  

But seriously, with no offense to my non-crazy friends, some of this stuff is hilarious.  

Firstly, I want to point out that this whole thing’s been done better on this episode of This American Life.  But pretty much everything we do here at the Fine Taste Emporium has been done better by This American Life, so that’s nothing new.  

But I wanted to draw your eye to three of my recent favorites – probably, all said and done, more amusing to our British readers than the Americans, since you guys get less of this on a day to day basis (as opposed to, say, those of us who daily drive by a gas station that says “gas/fishing tackle/bibles”  — you can’t make that up.) 

Firstly, nothing amuses me more than fundamentalism for kids.  For instance, I always thought that whole “and should I die before I wake/ I pray to God my soul to take” prayer was pretty much enough to get you through a safe night, but apparently not

Moreover, while you may have thought the whole “buddy Jesus” in Dogma was made up, this would seem to hint otherwise.  Now, there are apparently a lot of sports themed Jesuses (Jesusi?  What is the plural?) I particularly like this one, because the Son of God is clearly about to tackle an eight year old.  It also always reminds me a bit of my favorite Flaming Lips song.  

Wait, did I say nothing amuses me more than fundamentalism for kids?  Oh, I was so wrong.  I had forgotten that I recently stumbled upon fundamentalism for pets.  That’s right.  Fido found God.


One Response to I’ll stay right here, thanks.

  1. Ashley Clark says:

    Reminds me of the movie “Jesus Camp,” where evangelicals are claiming to train an “army” of devout christians to take back America. Just like people who sell so much jesus/bible paraphernalia, these people clearly have forgot about the sermon on the mount. oh well!

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