Know Your Status

The new HIV study by the CDC saddens me. Apparently the HIV rate in the US is 40% higher than was estimated.

Practice safe sex, people. And know your status. A test takes less than 20 minutes and only needs a pinprick of blood (OraQuick tests only require a mouth swab, but sometimes they give false-positives, so it’s best to use a pinprick with the test). And many clinics will perform the test for free. Yes, it’s a scary 20 minutes, even if you are 99.99% sure you don’t have HIV. Take a friend to get tested with you, it helps, trust me. But you need to know. And once again, practice safe sex!

And if you really want to be a considerate sexual partner, have an entire sexual health test done. Some STD/Is don’t show outward symptoms for years.

Again, SAFE SEX.  It keeps us all happy and healthy.


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