Time to blow shit up and get paid for it

The guys over at Geekdad *insert wistful sigh from my biological clock* have brought to my attention that the Discovery Channel is looking for a presenter for a new show. They say they’re looking for someone:

* In his late 30s to early 40s.

* Smart – he needs to be credible in his interactions with scientists and engineers. Science, stuntman, or engineering background is a strong plus.

* Tough, but an “Everyman” – He should be credible dealing with military officials, mechanics, pilots, test subjects – the whole range of folks who build things and sometimes blow things up all in the name of progress.

* Charismatic, but not too “hosty” – He should be able to explain the who-what-where-when-how of the testing in a clear, direct, and always conversational way.

And, as Geekdad added: “I also assume you’ll have to best Mike Rowe, Bear Grylls, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman in some sort of steel cage match, but that seems noticeably absent from the official stipulations.”

Now, if they just drop ten years off the age range, I can give them four for the price of one (ignore my next-door neighbor in the middle of them…she was just along for the fun):

Scarily enough, the biggest influences in my life

Scarily enough, the biggest influences in my life

No, seriously. One’s in advertising because he happens to be the funniest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting – he’d be great at doing voice overs to mock the other three. Two are cops which means they know all being the “everyman”. Also, one of the cops has a degree in computer science from an engineering school. And the other one is a huge military history and car geek who can out-talk Pentagon officials on weaponry and Jeremy Clarkson on BMWs. Oh and he does Tang Soo Do and plays way too much lacrosse. I might be a little partial because they are my brothers, but I’m pretty sure the Discovery Channel and their audience would love them. And I’m betting their looks would bring some women to that viewing audience too. Plus, my biological brother could totally take on Bear Grylls and kick his butt. Not that I’m jealous of Bear for climbing Mt Everest when he was younger than me or anything…absolutely not.

Actually, screw the Discovery Channel’s pitch. I’m going to pitch my own show for them…


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