“A priest walks into Qatar…”

An interesting article in the WashPost by Fr. Ryan Maher, S.J. about the differences between teaching theology in the US and in Qatar.

Georgetown University’s Future Dictators of the World School has a satellite campus in Education City in Doha and Fr. Maher was asked to spend two years there. He taught Problem of God, one of the standard introductory theology classes at Gtown (2 theology classes are required to graduate). Fr. Maher was never my dean, but he was well known and well liked on campus, even appearing in a film for The Chimes’ annual Cherry Tree Massacre (after the jump). I have to say, I was impressed with his article and it made me ponder.

Father Maher shows up around 2:56. I realize this probably isn’t nearly as sidesplittingly funny if you didn’t go to Gtown, but grad school really makes me miss the Hilltop and the Jesuits.  And yes, one of our a cappella groups has an older Jesuit member because he was in the group as an undergraduate.  And once a Chime, always a Chime.  I love Fr. Walsh.


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