Wookie Cookies

I am a huge fan of baking and cooking. I am also a fan of Star Wars (but not a Star Wars fan, if you get the subtle difference in geekiness). So, I can think of very few cookbooks that are cooler/geekier than these two. Yes, that’s correct, Star Wars cookbooks. Wookie Cookies and Darth Malt. Apparently the recipes are really easy and are great for helping teach kids how to cook. I love Geekdad. *wistful sigh*

I did find the Wookie Cookie recipe online at Epicurious.com. And I’m a bit disappointed. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the cookies would taste great. However, they’re just chocolate chip cookies with a little bit of cinnamon in them. In fact, that is the exact Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe with a slight change in the ratio of brown to granulated sugar, an extra 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, half of the chips changed to milk chocolate (I always use all milk chocolate chips anyway), and some cinnamon thrown in. Oh, and no nuts, but I never put nuts in my cookies anyway. And no, I don’t have a link for the Toll House recipe because that would require me to do actual work. That recipe is burned in my memory. You really want proof, fine. Here it is.

The point of all of that was to say that I’m sure the Star Wars Cookbooks don’t give recipes for gourmet meals or desserts. But they’re fun and sweet and I can really see them helping to teach a kid the love of baking and cooking. So I want one. Even if I already know how to make Wookie Cookies.


One Response to Wookie Cookies

  1. can i make you jealous by saying i already have one?

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