Yes, more Phelps

I know I said I wasn’t going to comment on the Olympics.  So I’m not.  I’m just commenting on Michael Phelps’ diet.  I’m sure you’ve all seen by now the fact that Phelps eats around 12,000 calories a day and that some British dude tried to finish off what Phelps eats in a typical hard training/racing day.  But what I really found amusing about the blog article was the quote by Janice Thompson:

“I’m not surprised, dear,” says Professor Janice Thompson, head of Bristol University’s department of exercise, nutrition and health sciences, when, belching quietly, I return to my desk. “There’s no way you should be able to eat what Michael Phelps eats. This is not even a normal athlete. I would not recommend this kind of diet for even a fit and serious competitor in, say, a 10km road race. This man is in a very, very different place to the rest of us. He’s 6ft 4in and 192lb of pure joy. From a female perspective, obviously. Though I probably shouldn’t say that.

6ft 4in and 192lb of pure joy.  Damn straight.


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