27 dresses? Don’t you mean “20-sexy dresses”?

Dear Sister-in-law to be,

Thank you ever so much for not making me wear a Victoria’s Secret Bridesmaid dress to your upcoming nuptials with my brother. With all the groomsmen either taken or guys I grew up with, there wouldn’t be anyone to snag with the sexy dress anyway.

All my love,

A very grateful me


3 Responses to 27 dresses? Don’t you mean “20-sexy dresses”?

  1. wow. okay, if i don’t end up rich and well-connected so that fabulous designers are giving you girls dresses, then we’ll go with some of these 🙂

  2. cott says:

    i feel a little dirty saying it but errrrrrrrr i kind of like some of them!

  3. artmarketmistress says:

    don’t tell anyone, but i like some of them too! I’m just not sure I would want someone asking me where the bridesmaids dresses came from.

    “Did you get the from the same place as your dress?”
    “Oh no! I was searching for lingerie for tonight when I found them!”

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