Iran-Contra all over again?

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. While conspiracies make for great literature and movies, and, occasionally, great news, most of the time I find them over-the-top and improbable. Like the theory that there wasn’t actually a plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11, just because there are no photos of the plane actually hitting it; seriously, guys? Some of the stuff about the mob being behind the JFK assassination seems slightly more probable, but still. For the most part, pretty ridiculous.

Iran-Contra, however? That’s no theory. The Republicans have shown a proclivity for doing whatever it takes to make their candidate/president look good, particularly when it involves making him look particularly good when facing an “evil” foreign enemy. Iraq? (I mean, surely there’s enough evidence at this point so that most logical people recognize this was all orchestrated ahead of time.)

All of this leads me say that much as I don’t care for conspiracy theory, this SF Chronicle Op-Ed may have a point.


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