Things we would go to this week if we lived in…

Yes, we’ve been a bit lax in this feature the past few weeks.  Between the two of us, we’ve been devoting most of our energies into real life things and haven’t spent so much time fantasizing about where we could be.  So, this week I just want to say how jealous I am that Willa is currently living in Denver.


The DNC, obviously.  Because in addition to being a bleeding hearted liberal, I have been in love with Joe Biden for years now and am so excited that’s he’s the VP candidate.  Also, this is just the schedule for today.  It’s enough to reduce any Democratic junkie to a pile of happy mush.  And my senator is speaking, so go McCaskill.  Plus, the last day will be at Mile High.  That would be where the Broncos play.  A FOOTBALL STADIUM.  My political party is now so insane as to hold the last day of the convention at a football stadium.  I love being a registered Democrat.

At times like this I’m a little sad I got burnt out of politics so quickly.  But then I remember that I just get to enjoy the convention by watching instead of having to work at it.  So best of luck to Willa and everyone who has worked their butts off to pull off this week.


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