Bad Pop Wednesdays

It’s a well known fact that I have hundreds of bad Japanese pop songs in my music library to compliment other thousands of types of bad pop songs residing there. One of the best things about Jpop tends to be the ridiculous videos. And thus, I share one with you today to get you past humpday.

Crystal Kay – 涙のさきに (Namida no saki ni)

Crystal Kay is pretty badass. She’s been a huge star in Japan for years now. Her dad’s an American, her mother a third generation Zainichi Korean. She signed on at Epic records at the age of 12 and has just released a new album, Color Change! (yes, exclamation mark included), which has some songs produced by Bloodshy & Avant and Jam & Lewis. Anyway, I love her upbeat pop, especially on days when I need a little pickmeup. But this video is friggin’ crazy:


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