The last of politics

At least for a bit.  First, my heartfelt apologies to our dear readers, not least for lying through our teeth.  Because while Kaks and I may be under-employed, we are not, technically (or even untechnically) speaking un-employed.  So I have been on a two week hiatus.  The first week was spent at the DNC, the second sleeping off the DNC – interrupted only on a nightly basis to wake up at prime time and shake my fist at the television.  

But now I’m off politics.  Actually, I’m lying again.  I’m totally on politics.  But this blog ain’t the place for them, so I will sign off politicking here because all is just a-okay, since there’s obviously nothing about this that makes me nervous.  



Okay.  Fine.  You got me.  It’s totally photoshopped.


But it’s the fact that, even for a second, you thought it might be real that makes me nervous.


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