The bloggers back and there’s gonna be trouble

Alright, we’ll admit it. It’s been a while. A long while, and you’ve probably all stopped reading. We understand.  We did abandon you, after all.  We promised our employment wouldn’t last, and that we’d soon be back to bring you the best of the internet.  It hurts to be left hanging, and we can see you, the Rachels and Kurts of the world, staring at our backs as we walked out of school arm in arm with our jobs.

But we were right – it couldn’t last, and lord knows it didn’t.

Willa finished out the election and found herself home and unemployed.  She walked dogs, caught up on three years of Tivo, and stared at a lot of walls.  When it got to the point of driving around the city crying, she took matters into her own hands and left the country (its a genetic trait – her mother was so afraid of break ups that every time a relationship soured she moved to a new city.)  You can see a record of her adventures here.

But while she saw a incredible countries, from India to Israel, (concept: plan a trip entirely alphabetically.  India, Israel, Indonesia, Iceland.  England and Ethiopia.  The possibilities will never end.  Until you reach 26.  Then they end.)  met hippies, Rabbis and monks, spent nights in Ashrams and hostels, and generally had an amazing time she didn’t, you know, get a job.   So she did what the desperately unemployed and directionless do.

She went to grad school.

Kaki on the other hand finished grad school and since it doesn’t really solve the ‘directionless’ part, decided moving back to the States was the way to go considering she had a shiny new degree and no hope of finding a job or extending her visa in the midst of an economic meltdown.  So she moved back to the house she grew up in and managed to become an (almost) full-time employee, grumbling at Willa’s adventures while she was stuck in an office every day.  Still, she had her dog to keep her spirits up.

Obviously, employment couldn’t last, and boredom set in, so she packed up and left for New York City (she’s of the Willa’s mom’s school of thought on avoiding [ed. she means solving] problems) where she is now happily underemployed.  She misses her dog, but 90 pounds of furry love and loyalty would take up a solid half of her apartment.

So there you have it.  One of us is enrolled in a full time PhD program and reads books for a living.  The other lives in a closet in Manhattan, works part-time on art journalism and volunteers at a yoga studio.

You can’t get more overeducated.  And you can’t get much more underemployed.

We’re back.


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