When great forces collide.

It’s hard to know what to do when two things you love, as dearly as life itself, come together.  For most people, the answer is put on a heinous dress, give an embarrassing toast, and hit on the groom’s brother.

But at this marriage, there are fewer toasts to be given.  And I don’t know about you, but I consider underwear to be appropriate attire for the internet.  (Unless I’m reading The Sartorialist.  I just know he can see me through that screen, and must just be dying to photograph my shoes.)

Nonetheless this is truly a wedding of my two greatest loves: lists, and Golden Girls.

The list thing is actually a little creepy.  I’ve ranked everything in my life.  I can tell you my third favorite coffee shop in my fourth favorite city, if you really wanted to know.

The Golden Girls thing is less creepy than a sign of being a good person.  If you don’t like the original GG, its because you have no friends to thank, no one who has travelled down that road and back again, no pals, no confidantes, and/or are not gay.

So when I saw Betty White show up on a Time Magazine Top 10 list, well, lets just say I knew I had that bottle of champagne in the fridge for some reason.


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