Ridiculous Infomercials Part 1

I have the flu.  Which sucks, but also gives me plenty of time to catch up on infomercials for useless things.  Like the lovely “Instant Arm Lift” – so you too can have guns just like the First Lady’s.  Just read the FAQs on that site and see if you don’t laugh.  What I really want to know is where does the extra flab go?


One Response to Ridiculous Infomercials Part 1

  1. willabee says:

    As co-editor, I’d like to note that she didn’t even point out my favorite part, which is the creepy dip about 2 inches above the elbow where the ‘arm lift’ stops being effective and it sags again. That’s the part that would frighten children about this.

    That and the eerily calm voice.

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