Ridiculous Infomercials Part Deux

“Made in America, used everywhere!”

Oh, just what America needs – a tray/trough to carry all of our fast food delights.  What I really enjoy about the “Freedom Tray” (other than the fact that it obviously promotes various types of freedom with it’s Americana design) is the part of the infomercial where the mom spills the drinks all over her minivan/ridiculous SUV.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been through a drive-through where my drinks are handed to me without lids.  Sure, I’ve spilt a soda or two in my car before, but never have I just tossed the entire soda carrier over with lidless cups.  Also, when I see these at stadiums, I will mock the people who have them.  Sports events are about getting dirty and messy and accidentally spilling your beer all over yourself when you jump up in outrage at a ridiculous call made by an official.  And if your family is mean enough to not join you at the concession stand to help you carry things back, they don’t deserve that hot dog and those nachos.

Video after jump.


2 Responses to Ridiculous Infomercials Part Deux

  1. link doesn’t work, guys… x

  2. artmarketmistress says:

    That’s because I was doped up on flu meds when I tried to write the link (and failed miserably). It’s fixed now.

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