Well I’ll be damned

So I don’t know if any of you have been worrying heavily this season about the apparent threats to the Christian hegemony in this country but I think my favorite is this:

“The original holiday celebrated in this country is Christmas. No one mention of this holiday with all the others rattled off was stated in the Gap’s first holiday commercial. No one has the right to remove Christmas from our country or our vocabulary!”

The AFA got all up in arms and briefly protested the Gap over it, until they were somehow appeased (not sure how you do that.  Desert-Wanderer skinny jeans?  The Virgin Mary sweater dress?  Joseph Cut carpenter pants?)

What no one seems to be protesting is the major problem with this ad

Namely, that it’s awful.

PS fun fact: the celebration of Christmas was banned in Massachusetts, and looked down on by most strict protestants – arguably the forbearers to our modern evangelicals.  In fact, Christmas as we know it now is basically an invention of the mid-19th century – before that it was a rowdy holiday celebrated with public drinking and often degenerating into mob violence.  Now that’s what I call Christmas


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