Font of power

Some may have had the good luck to see the recent documentary on Helvetica (if you feel a need to get blog editors christmas presents, I’m just saying I wouldn’t be opposed) other may have read about it (I’d use the Taschen link, but for makers of the most beautiful books on earth they have a stunningly ugly website) some might even follow the escapades of typeface on one of its many dedicated blogs.  This is my favorite.

For those who love typeface (I used to work with a guy affectionately nicknamed Super Font) you can find fellow appreciators everywhere.   Before I even came across (and by “came across” I mean “was sent by my boyfriend” – credit sharing isn’t really my thing) the bit of wonder below the cut, I was already pretty fond of Neutraface, it’s clean as can be, but with a bit of quirky charm in the low waist (sadly taken away in Neutraface No. 2, which looks pretty much like the font a soulless robot would use to tell you your time is up).  But my love is nothing compared to theirs:

Plus, I can’t seem to grow facial hair like that, no matter how hard I try.


2 Responses to Font of power

  1. Tankman says:

    Whoever sent this to you willabee must be very clever. I always thought lady gaga was a Trojan horse for neo-conservatism!

  2. willabee says:

    It’s probably best he’s not encouraged…

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