Fine Taste Holidays: Channukah Kitsch

Yeah, the kitsch isn’t just for Christmas.  We are equal-opportunity, only slightly-denominational kitschers (what? I’m sure that’s a word).  So I present to you the “Make Cute Chanukah [sic] Decorations from Popsicle Sticks” from

No longer are popsicle sticks the realm of badly made snowflake ornaments and nativity scenes.  Just, don’t try to light this particular Menorah on fire.  And please don’t be sad when the dreidel doesn’t actually spin.

I kinda want to make one now…


2 Responses to Fine Taste Holidays: Channukah Kitsch

  1. Mom A says:

    OHHH NOOO!!! If I only had known about this earlier I could have made some items for Max because as we all know he would appreciate these items lovingly made by the hands of “All-knowing-Judaism-Jesuit-educated” moi!

  2. Aliza says:

    I used to make popsicle-stick Hanukkah decorations at my temple’s Hanukkah Fun Day! I’d come home w/ them every year, and I think those bottles of colored sand, too. I just remember covering everything w/ glitter- including myself.

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