A Fine Taste Advent: Day 11

I first decided to put this up to settle, once and for all, that long standing argument “are there any great modern Christmas songs?”  Up yours, Nat King Cole enthusiasts (even though I am one of you) and up yours even more, Vienna Boys Choir traditional carols in German and Latin fans (I am totally and completely one of you) but this?  This is genius.

Secondly, upon re-watching it, I realized that this can be looked at as a kind of tragic, dramatic moment.

Here we see the star, clearly beginning to lose her mind, frolicking in really inappropriate ways with Santa, and spending Christmas in ways that none of us would really like to (note to self: never give Maria Carey anything breakable.)  There’s that bizarre moment with a dove (who has a dove?) and creepiest of all, a sort of possessed elf at 2:38.  But did any of us see it coming?  The breakdowns, the eerie episode of Cribs where we saw her teddy bear room?  Or Glitter?  Did ANYONE see Glitter coming? To think, we could have saved her back in 1994, if only we had tried.


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