Apologies to all

I should probably stop just touting my friends’ blogs, but I can’t help myself.  I love this.  There are certain things on there that, lets be honest, it’s really time we apologized for.

My favorite part, however, might be that reading it after its gone off line, you can see Elliot’s obsession with robots going slowly from mild irritation to full blown paranoia.  Shortly before they went offline, I asked him if this whole ‘fear of robots’ thing was real.  “It’s right on that edge between real and not so real,” he told me, “like, it’s not so real when I’m just sitting around.  But then people try to have conversations with me about robots.  And I get pretty intense.”

He’s now going to run a robot-themed theater festival.  Really.

Also, and more relevant to you all, he’s soon to be one of our first guest bloggers here on the new Fine Taste Emporium.  And by “soon” I mean, “as soon as he starts responding to e-mails.”  So it could mean never, really.


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