Let it Snow!

In honor of our love for holiday kitsch, we’ve decided to add “snow” to the blog during the holidays (thanks WordPress!).  Enjoy!

And Happy Chanukkah!

Ed. Willa has since realized that she should not, perhaps, have allowed Kaki to enable the snow, as it may be a step beyond tacky.  But Willa can do nothing about this as

1. She cannot even pretend to know enough about the internet to disable is and

2. If she’s to be completely honest, she’s a little afraid of Kaki.

Ed. Ed. Kaki knows Willa is just pretending to think the snow is beyond tacky.  In her heart of hearts, she’s smiling with childish glee.  Also, she is so not afraid of Kaki.  That’s just a lie.

So enjoy, from both of us!


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