My future protegee

There are a lot of people I have, in the past, claimed will be my best friend someday.  The ukulele kid, for one, or Tavi, the New Kid in Town.  And the thing is, that may all be true.  But for this girl, I think maybe my future best friend is wrong.  First of all, I’m pretty sure I’d kill her.  And secondly, I’m gonna be pretty busy, since we should add Maggie Smith and Dolly Parton to my future soirees.  But maybe I can just, if I’m really, really lucky, get to be her agent.  Because, clearly, she’s got a future.

– Willa


One Response to My future protegee

  1. artmarketmistress says:

    Did she just “chicka bow bow”? That is so wrong.

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