I’m Getting Married in Philadelphia

I went to Philadelphia once. It was nice. Lots of historical stuff. Cute city. I’d like to go back, but it’s been about seven years at this point and there are a lot of places way higher on my list, so I don’t anticipate going there anytime soon.

And then the New York Times just published this article. I now feel an urgent need to go to Philadelphia and make lots of friends who are getting married soon, and maybe get married myself. But mostly just wedding-crash. I want to take cookies home for breakfast the next morning…


Ed: We apologize to any Phillidelphians or Pittsburgians out there who are offended by Kate’s inability to tell the difference between your two great cities.  She obviously visited Pennsylvania a long, long time ago and has since forgotten about it, the way most people do.

Ed. by Kate: It’s okay, because I am probably going to a wedding in Pittsburgh this summer. SO THERE. Also, we apologize to all Philadelphians for Willa’s inability to spell.


3 Responses to I’m Getting Married in Philadelphia

  1. willabee says:

    Except that its about Pittsburgh, which makes it a bit more of a sacrifice…

  2. artmarketmistress says:

    Yeah, Kate, total fail on knowing the difference between Philly and Pittsburgh. 🙂

  3. Mom A says:

    If she had been in SFS she would have taken MAP and known that!

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