Love Plus

And sorry for my lack of posts the past few days.  I, uh, have some excuse or another.  Like, actually having a lot of work to do on Friday and then finding out I’m a new guest blogger for Kimberly Wilson (check out my “$ense and $ensibility” posts on her blog every Monday starting January 4th) and then getting ready to go home for the holidays and then that whole snow storm thing (which didn’t cut out my internet or anything, I just wanted to play in it).  Right.  Anyway.

A friend sent me this news story last week and I just saw it on MSNBC this morning. A 27 year old Tokyo man has married a video game character.  I could go on and on about my dissertation research on Japanese pop culture and art and how this is totally representative of the otaku culture and young Japanese people not being able to express real feelings to others, hence the rise of a hierarchy of anime and video game characters that fit into nice categories people can understand and also the rise of the kawaii and the juvenilization (is too a word) of young women, but I’m tired and have to wake up ridiculously early to catch my flight tomorrow.  So I’ll leave it there so I can go watch some anime now.



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