Victoriana (or, a Guest Post from Old Blighty)

For this, an inaugural guest-post from the Old World, I wear my British hat. (A bowler, in case you wondered. You know – one of those round ones that bankers wear. Wore.)

O! Britannia. This Blessed Plot, this Earth, this Realm, this Land of Hope and Glory. How it does draw out the clichés. Three more: tea, gin, and digestive biscuits. Yes! These potent elements wield a fierce force over my melancholic island soul. Try them together, in the rain, and you may come to understand. There are few surer ways to straighten the spine of any honest Briton.

Indeed the only other way that comes to mind – thanks to the inspiring and excellent British Pathé Film Archive – is a medicinal-strength dose of Victoriana. The Raj! William Gladstone! Tiny doilies and other lace fripperies! Hurrah!

Suck on this retroporn.

Gosh, didn’t people walk quickly in the Nineteenth Century?

Now, there’s some hot beachware footage in Pathé’s ‘Let Us Now Take a Trip to the Seaside’ that I highly recommend…



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