Stereotypes are Adorable

My friend Benny, who I may have mentioned here before, is a bit of a genius.  He’s created for himself the life we all wish we had (he just got back from 3 months in Thailand, and will soon be moving to Berlin), he speaks I think six languages at this point, and he’s learning more.  What’s more – he’s incredibly happy to tell you how he did it, and teach you to do the same on his website.

He was awesome when he was 19, and he remains awesomer today.  I saw him about five years ago in Paris, and always sort of wanted to catch up with him again.

And then, a couple days ago, he put up the following video.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to fly across the ocean, find him, and give him a huge hug.

– Willa


One Response to Stereotypes are Adorable

  1. Aww thanks Willa!! Miss you loads darling 🙂
    I’ll be taking you up on that hug!!!

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