Awesomely Honest

I hate being that girl who keeps putting animal pictures up here.  Because the Fine Taste Emporium is about so much more than funny/adorable animals.  It’s about bad pop and other people’s misfortunes.

So I won’t reprint any of these pictures.  Partially because I couldn’t choose a favorite – I was pretty sure it’s the giraffe licking the squirrel, but then there’s that sheep mid-prance, or the terrified fish about to die.

But the best part of all is the way the LA Times has been shamelessly honest in titling this section.  Yes, LA Times, you are correct.  These are Awesome Animal Pictures.   Believe me, even you animal skeptics, if you click one link today, make it that one.  There is no human way you will regret it.

– Willa


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