Reasons to Love Germany: #2398345873456

I love Germany. I love New York. I love cupcakes. I love seeing the way other countries view the US. My new favorite thing? Probably, except that I don’t love McDonald’s (and am in fact a well-known hater). German correspondent Amadea, please translate.

BurgerBusiness and Gothamist elaborate.



2 Responses to Reasons to Love Germany: #2398345873456

  1. F_A says:

    “Imagine! This website has much going for!

    Download the latest flash player and view from its brightest side.

    Download Adobe Flash Player for free.”

    This is the translation of what I can see on the site. Do you want me to translate something else?

  2. Nah, I was kind of joking, I didn’t expect it to be anything worth translating, but thanks for doing it!

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