The Taste Testers

So, you say, who the hell are you? And what right do you have to tell me what to like?

As to the second question, we refer you, once again, to our subtitle. We have no right, and we know it. But as to the first – that one we can answer.

A lot has changed in a year, and while we remain, as ever, as overeducated as we are underemployed, these aren’t accurate anymore.  We’ll fix it soon.  Really.  It’s just that motivation isn’t one of our strong points.  If it was, we might have jobs.


Rising like a phoenix from her midwestern roots, Kaks has landed herself in London, accumulating unnecessary degrees in her ruthless pursuit of total (art) world domination. Loud, brash and entirely inappropriate, she is a fan of pink (in all it’s forms – not least the singing one), high-end hotels, late-night diner experiences, and comprehensively crushing every manifestation of her Catholic guilt. She’s also a fan of a lot of other things. That’s kind of the idea of this blog – in case you hadn’t caught on to that.


Returning from three years of filter-coffee deprivation in the UK, Willa is now living the (highly caffeinated) American dream.  She’s on a mission to change the face of American politics as we know it in  yellow heels and obscenely bright accessories. Louder and brasher than Kaks (and quite often just as inappropriate), Willa is a fan of trapper festivals in rural Minnesota, teen dramas on the-n, and Guardian journalists among other things. Many, many other things.

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