With Notes of Sugar and Kawaii

April 14, 2010

Yeah.  There’s now Hello Kitty wine.  And a cutesy website too.  You’d think I’d be outraged against this because I want to keep wine in good standing.  But…um…I have been won over by the cuteness.  I am a sucker for kawaii.  I fail.  Sorry.  Plus, you know, they’re Italian wines, not French, so I don’t really care all that much anyway.  I’m not saying I don’t drink Italian wine (waaaay too many bottles of prosecco in my past to count), but I don’t feel the need to defend it as much.  Or, I’m just as obsessed with the damn cat as my fellow St. Louisan, Kimora Lee.

If my family is reading this, I would like a bottle to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you in advance since I will be too drunk on the pink stuff to thank you on my bday.



Twitter Etiquette Lessons

April 11, 2010

Aimee Mann and Ice T just had a Twitter duel. Apparently she insulted his acting and he didn’t like that so much…

I love that this is news.

(It’s totally entertaining enough for weekend posting.)


And I thought I had too much time

April 9, 2010

Here’s your random video of the day…

This is bizarrely fascinating. Fortunately for Noah, it’s not too long, or else I’d totally have lost interest. The most interesting part is watching his hair styles change. He gains a little weight, but not too much; I honestly think that if I took a picture of myself every day, I’d be super conscious about not gaining weight, because then it would be kinda obvious.

The real question, though, is – why the hell did he do this? Where does somewhat come up with this and think it’s a good idea? Better yet – why am I watching this?


Reasons to Love Germany: #2398345873456

April 5, 2010

I love Germany. I love New York. I love cupcakes. I love seeing the way other countries view the US. My new favorite thing? Probably, except that I don’t love McDonald’s (and am in fact a well-known hater). German correspondent Amadea, please translate.

BurgerBusiness and Gothamist elaborate.


Talking to Animals

April 2, 2010

Whether or not you like Google, there is absolutely no doubt that our contemporary culture could not exist without it. Their latest release (notably, on April 1st) will revolutionize the way humans and animals communicate: Google Translate for Animals. Be sure to take a tour of the application to learn more.

For an example of how this ground-breaking technology works, check out this video:

I just hope they leave it up long enough so we can all enjoy it. I love April Fool’s Day.


Hottness is directly proportional to…health?

March 30, 2010

Here’s a fun little article for you guys. A little more real-world than we usually post, but when you read the headline, you’ll immediately love it. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy the idea of a study where women are given a bunch of doctored photos of the same dude and asked to rate them?

It also explains why you can walk around Paris and play the “gay or just French” game. France has the (officially) best health care system in the world, DUH.



You Stay Classy, St. Louis

March 30, 2010

Nothing but the best from my hometown!  So if you ever find yourself in the Lou and need a tow, just call up this fine company.

And yes, this is a real company.  One of my friends has confirmed that he’s seen them around.  Awesome.