I’m Getting Married in Philadelphia

December 16, 2009

I went to Philadelphia once. It was nice. Lots of historical stuff. Cute city. I’d like to go back, but it’s been about seven years at this point and there are a lot of places way higher on my list, so I don’t anticipate going there anytime soon.

And then the New York Times just published this article. I now feel an urgent need to go to Philadelphia and make lots of friends who are getting married soon, and maybe get married myself. But mostly just wedding-crash. I want to take cookies home for breakfast the next morning…


Ed: We apologize to any Phillidelphians or Pittsburgians out there who are offended by Kate’s inability to tell the difference between your two great cities.  She obviously visited Pennsylvania a long, long time ago and has since forgotten about it, the way most people do.

Ed. by Kate: It’s okay, because I am probably going to a wedding in Pittsburgh this summer. SO THERE. Also, we apologize to all Philadelphians for Willa’s inability to spell.

Cookie Craze

August 15, 2008

Apparently everyone now has to weigh in on Chocolate Chip Cookies, ever since the NY Times published the “definitive” recipe.

I love a good chocolate chip cookie as much as the next person (and probably more than many – I have a cookbook entirely devoted to chocolate chip recipes, most of which are for various ways of making the cookie), but it does start to get old after a while, when everyone insists upon voicing up. Kind of like the cupcake and frozen yogurt fads – I love both, but tire of all the hype after a while.

So, people should really lay off the cookie recipes unless they have something genuinely new and awesome to add to the equation. For example, the crew over at Cakespy can continue their brilliant contributions. I’m only bummed I didn’t think of these first.

Wookie Cookies

August 7, 2008

I am a huge fan of baking and cooking. I am also a fan of Star Wars (but not a Star Wars fan, if you get the subtle difference in geekiness). So, I can think of very few cookbooks that are cooler/geekier than these two. Yes, that’s correct, Star Wars cookbooks. Wookie Cookies and Darth Malt. Apparently the recipes are really easy and are great for helping teach kids how to cook. I love Geekdad. *wistful sigh*

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